How to Read

The Story of Life is best read as a series of shorter stories.

Read it a few pages at a time, with time to reflect in between. There are are no chapter breaks, but there are natural breaks allowing you to start or stop on just about any page.

When reading to a young audience, notice that there are activities throughout the story. Some of these point out a body part that came from our ancestors. When you come across these, don't forget to move that part or otherwise indicate it, and try to get the kids to notice their jaw, lungs, or tailbone as well.

Other activities instruct to go outside and notice something. If its possible to do so easily and quickly, this can be done during the reading. Most of the time, these activities are meant to be realized independently on an outing. The idea is to plant a seed for something to be noticed and remembered later on, but it doesn't hurt to encourage such outings.

When reading out loud to anyone, remember to say "Sunrise" before and after your reading.

The Story of Life has no end, just a long series of beginnings.
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